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Craft, Bead + Jewelry Travel Organizer ENVELOPE by Kit xChange®, Amore, PolyCanvas

Craft, Bead + Jewelry Travel Organizer ENVELOPE by Kit xChange®, Amore, PolyCanvas

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  • Kit xChange® Organization Bliss
  • How does it work?  Imagine simply tapping a Kit xChange® ziptop baggie - with velcro on the back - to a panel - and, ta da - you're done.  It's that simple. 
  • How many baggies does one Envelope hold?  How does over 100 small craft ziptop baggies sound? The plastic tackle box just got modernized. There are 5 baggie sizes to choose from. 
  • Save Money? Sure. Because now you can find all the little things you already own so no more duplicate buying.  
  • Imagine your life without hunting for stuff all the time. With the Kit xChange®, the ziptop baggies are on display so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and then some!
  • Go ahead and give it a try because we offer a 60 Day Love It or Return It Policy.  Be the first of your friends to try out a Kit xChange®.  
  • Dimensions : 12.5" x 8.5" x 0.94"
  • 100% PolyCanvas  

Perfect for JEWELRY MAKING and SALES DISPLAY - Display your finished jewelry pieces and keep track of work-in-process. A jewelry organizer for all your findings, tools, plastic beads, glass beads, charms, and chains.

The Kit xChange® is also perfect for scrapbooking supplies storage, a bead carrying case, memory or journal card organizer, planner supplies, sticker organizer. Use it as a washi tape organizer, button organizer... stamps, buttons, snaps, findings, jewelry..

Great for embellishments storage and as a journal cards organizer.


PATENT NO. 9,642,423   Designed in California, the Kit xChange® is a registered trademark and patent of Alicia Klein/ALICIA KLEIN LLC