Card Making Adventures

I had the privilege of going to my first weekend crafting retreat this past weekend. I wanted to take my dies but was having a hard time figuring out how to get them there without losing any! Enter the Kitxchange travel envelope and pouches!

I put my dies in a very thick, heavy piece of magnet and I wasn't sure the pouches would be strong enough to hold them. I did some with the magnets and some without just to "test" them. All of the pouches held up beautifully - I love that they are made of a thicker, more sturdy feeling plastic, they really feel durable.

I opened and closed the envelope itself a million times over the weekend and never once did I have an issue with anything falling out of the pouches or the Velcro coming loose that holds them in place. I stopped many people in their tracks when they saw the envelope and happily told them where I got this beautiful system.

Everyone loves it - especially the thickness and quality of the pouches!! I am including a few (bad) photos of how I used the travel organizer a way I know it wasn't intended to be used I'm sure. I am totally impressed with this and it has now become part of "to go" kit for my card making adventures!!