Kit xChange Story

The Kit xChange® Story:

For years, designer Alicia Klein employed a practical solution for containing her jewelry - a lovely bowl with a lid. One day she decided to get a bit organized and put all of her earrings, posts, rings and bracelets into individual clear zip baggies.

For quite sometime this was good enough, until one day, while rooting around the bowl full of little clear pouches, Alicia realized what she really needed was a way to organize the pouches.

With a few DIY ideas in mind, she hustled off to the craft store to pick up some supplies.

While in the Great Store, Alicia realized that the idea she had in mind for her finished jewelry would also benefit jewelry makers, scrapbook enthusiasts, stamp collectors, planner devotees, people that liked to crochet and sew and all kinds of hobbyists who work with bobs and bits. Alicia says the best thing about her organization system is that one can see their entire collection of stuff in one eyeful, pick and choose what they need without digging and spilling, and go!

Fast forward, Alicia now has a patent for her idea, she has blessed it with a name, and is happy and excited to introduce her organization invention, the Kit xChange®, to all her compatriots in the world who are perpetually in search of a better way to get and stay organized. 

Your search is over. 

PATENT NO. 9,642,423 Designed in California, the Kit xChange® is a registered trademark and patent of Alicia Klein/ALICIA KLEIN LLC


About Alicia: 

Alicia Klein is the inventor of the KitxChange®. Since 1987, Alicia has created three brands and has been designing fine leather and non-leather accessories under these brands ever since - Alicia Klein®, Taxi Wallet®, and OwlRecycled® brands.

She lives in Northern California with her husband of decades, bless him, and two silly dogs that were not that way when they met her. Alicia's two grown sons moved far, far away.