Kit xChange Story

For years, Alicia Klein had her own method of storing jewelry - she put all of her earrings, some bracelets and other miscellany into ziptop baggies and then tossed the baggies into a pretty bowl. Finding what she needed was easy enough, packing for travel was easy enough; just dump out the bowl, spread everything around, make some choices, scoop it up again and put it away. 

Easy enough was good enough until one fateful day when Alicia looked side-long at that bowl brimming with baggies and thought -

'I can do better.'   

Employing two of the world's most ubiquitous inventions, the ziptop baggie and hook n'loop fasteners, Alicia invented the Kit xChange® Storage System.  

For Alicia, one of the best benefits of the Kit xChange® Storage System is that she can see dozens and dozens of bagged articles, all on display and in one eyeful. And better yet, the baggies don't even have to be organized - she can display the baggies in any mish-mash fashion and still find whatever she's looking for in a blink of an eye. 

Today her storage system idea has a patent and a brand name that celebrates the interchangeability between the storage kits and its portability from home to everywhere.  

So to all of you, her compatriots in the world who are perpetually in search of a better way to de-clutter, store and find stuff -  

Alicia smiles broadly and says, 'You can relax now. Your search is finally over'. 

PATENT NO. 9,642,423 Designed in California, the Kit xChange® is a registered trademark and patent of Alicia Klein/ALICIA KLEIN LLC


About Alicia Klein: 

Since 1987, Alicia has created three accessory brands - Alicia Klein®, Taxi Wallet®, and OwlRecycled® brands.

She lives in Southern California with her husband of decades, bless him, and two silly dogs that were not that way when they met her. Alicia's two grown sons moved far, far away.