From Shabby to Chic!

When it comes to crafting and my son, we often spare no expense. In doing so however, we wind up with tons of crafting supplies and not an an amazing place to put them...until now. After receiving our Kit xChange envelope and album we got to work! First we hauled out the bag of supplies we wanted to organize:

Stickers, foam cutouts, puff balls, feathers, googly eyes (lots of googly eyes), pipe cleaners, stamps, glues and adhesives, etc. You get the picture. Then we started sorting and packing everything into the Kit xChange resealable baggies, I was pretty certain there would be too much for the two accessories we got but we plugged away:

To our amazement, it all started coming together and everything fell into place:

I can easily fit more into either one of these items and now they fit neatly on a shelf as opposed to hidden away in our closet. Thanks a heap Kit xChange for changing the way we craft!