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File it - "Hanging File" Storage Panels for Craft Supplies

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Kit xChange® Storage System   

Day Love It or Return It – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

The Nitty Gritty :  14.75" x 9.25”  Man-made Materials

How does it work? 

  1. Fill a Kit xChange® Ziptop + HOOK fastener(s) baggie with your supplies
  2. Touch the HOOK fastener to the LOOP lining on the FILE IT. 
  3. Ta Da - you're done. It’s stored. It’s on display. It's that simple. 

How many baggies do two FILE IT PANELS hold?  It depends on the size of the baggie but anywhere from 200 small baggies to 96 medium baggies.  There are 4 baggie sizes to choose from.

Save Money?  Sure.  See it - You Use it!  With everything on display, you can easily find all the little things you already own so no more duplicate buying. 

Go ahead and give it a try because we offer a 60 Day Love It or Return It Policy.  Be the first of your friends to try out a Kit xChange®.  

The days of RE-BUYING supplies you already have are over.  

What does CONDENSED STORAGE mean?   Consider an average, large, tackle box has 30 compartments. Our FILE IT PANELS can accommodate 200 SMALL baggies.  So 2 FILE IT PANELS can replace over 6 tackle boxes.  That’s CONSENSED STORAGE!

What can I display in a Kit xChange® Storage Kit?  Display your jewelry, your earrings, keep track of work-in-process, store all your findings, ditch the tubes and store your beads-beads-beads, charms, chains, buttons, stickers, store cutting dies and storage dies together, rubber stamps, embellishments, washi tape, bobbins, snaps, sewing supplies, safety pins, collector pins, simply pins, planner supplies, journaling cards, scrapbooking supplies…

Perfect for JEWELRY MAKING, SCRAPBOOKING, and if you SELL JEWELRY, put it all on DISPLAY.


PATENT NO. 9,642,423   Designed in California, the Kit xChange® is a registered trademark and patent of Alicia Klein/ALICIA KLEIN LLC

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