Storage Envelope for Craft Supplies and Jewelry. Peony Pink

Storage Envelope for Craft Supplies and Jewelry. Peony Pink

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    So Easy to Use, it's Blissful!  Simply fill the Kit xChange® baggies with  your supplies - your jewelry - or both - then stick the baggies to a Kit xChange® panel.  Voilaaaah! 

   Save Time!  Imagine how much time you'll save when you can find it fast! 


With all your supplies are on display -


 finding even one tiny earring stud is super fast ... you just clocked in 


more happy crafting time.

   Save a Fortune!  Oh yes!  .. rebuying supplies you know you already have - but cannot find - is frustrating and costly.  Stop buying duplicates and start saving money for your next project.  

       Pick, Pack and Go!   Take your projects wherever you go ... in a car .. on a plane .. on a cruise .. in a camper.  Within minutes, you can be out the door with hundreds of your supplies securely packed and easy to access.  Travel storage is a lot easier with the Kit xChange®.

    Save Space!  Do you struggle with a tiny work space or simply want more room to breathe?  Toss those bulky tackle boxes and start hanging up your supplies.  With the Kit xChange®, the volume of supplies you can condense into a tiny space is, well - huge!


 The Nitty Gritty :  12.5" x 8.5" x .94"  Shoulder strap. Man-made Materials - 100% VEGAN LEATHER

PATENT NO. 9,642,423   Designed in California, the Kit xChange® is a registered trademark and patent of Alicia Klein. 

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